Thursday, 8 July 2010

The Sound Of The Sub-Blurb

For your delectation and delight, and hopefully your cash, here's the full blurb. Isn't marketing whizzo?

If you think you know Ireland, this book will make you think again.

Each year on St Patrick’s Day the eighty million people around the world claiming Irish ancestry celebrate their spiritual homeland. Millions more don leprechaun hats and swallow pints of Guinness in an annual global high-fiving of all things Irish.
Charlie Connelly was one of them. As a Londoner claiming Irish roots he thought he knew what Ireland was all about. After all, he’d drunk in Irish theme pubs. He even had a bodhrán.

Then, when he was least expecting it, he went to live there.

Our Man In Hibernia follows Charlie’s adventures living among the Irish. In an engaging and frequently hilarious tale - we learn why Barack Obama is an Irishman, how a tree stump can draw legions of visitors from across the land and why being on a pig’s back is a desirable thing – Charlie contrasts the clichéd shamrock-strewn image with the reality of life in modern Ireland.

In addition he delves into his own Irish roots to unearth a shocking yet essentially Irish story with repercussions that resonate even today.

Written with Charlie’s customary wit and charm Our Man In Hibernia is a tale of emigration, love, language, people, history, faith and the occasional pint.

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  1. Sounds like a lot of fun! Must get this one for the daughter in law, who claims Irish roots (doesn't everyone from Boston?).