Tuesday, 17 August 2010

See Y'all Soon Now, Y'Hear?

Could there be any more enticing prospect than watching Charlie Connelly read a book out loud? When that book is the epoch-defining literary milestone of Our Man In Hibernia the answer can only be a resounding 'yes, there are many more enticing prospects'.

Despite this, Charlie is insisting on going ahead and reading a bit of Our Man In Hibernia out loud in the fabulous and well-appointed Gutter Bookshop on Cow's Lane in Dublin's fashionable Temple Bar at 6.30pm on Tuesday September 7th and invites you to join him.

Reading a book out loud isn't the only tantalising prospect: Charlie will no doubt top and tail the reading a book out loud with some lame jokes and totally unconvincing self-deprecation too, but fear not, the event will be populated by lots of young and groovy hipsters like yourself and bursting at the seams with the kind of fascinating and beautiful people *you* want to meet.

So, be the first to celebrate the publication of OUR MAN IN HIBERNIA. It's a cracking read and you're all in it. Bring friends: they're all in it too.


It's the hottest date in Dublin this summer. Don't miss it.

*the reading a book out loud bit won't take long, honest.

Afterwards we shall be repairing to the upstairs bar of the Stag's Head, Dame Court, 5 minutes from the Gutter Bookshop. They're reserving it 'specially'n'everything from 8 o'clock.

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Alabama Leprechaun

This is good. Really, really good.